How does someone get started working with you?

We have a brief chat about how you want my service to benefit you and about the systems that you use for contract to close. Then you provide me the log-in information for the aforementioned systems and you are all set!

How and when is your service delivered?

When you have a new deal that you want me to handle, you just notify me (email or text) and I begin working the file. All work is generated and delivered electronically.

Who is your product/service for?

Real estate agents who want to leverage their time by having someone else handle the contract to close process and paperwork. 

What’s an objection or fear a customer might have related to your services? 

That deadlines or tasks will be missed if they are not doing it themselves. I get it - it is hard to let someone else make sure your deal closes and you get paid. I was there myself when I was practicing real estate. I have never had a deal that did not close because of my service. In fact, I have had deals close because of my service and the relationships I have built with many closing attorneys and lenders. 

Do you really not get paid if the deal terminates during inspections? 

Really. You don’t get paid so neither do I. 

Have a question you don’t see here? Shoot it over or give me a ring - I am eager to answer! 


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